Fast Track From Zero To Hero


Maybe none of our above courses sound right for you? Are you looking for something more specific and tailored to your trading needs?

Take Profit designed a special program for those who want to take an opportunity for personal coaching with David Palka and Bex Boštjan.

Duration of the course: 7 days (4 days of theory and 3 days of live practice).

Join this program and invest in your future.


  • History
  • Introduction
  • Forex Basics
  • Market Structure
  • Currencies and Pairs
  • Four Majors
  • What Is Spread
  • Trend
  • Trading Time
  • Chart Types
  • Bars and Candles
  • Risk Management
  • MT4
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Forex Factory
  • Support and Resistance
  • Candle Classification
  • Strength and Weakness Analysis
  • LSL and LSH
  • Patterns and Formations
  • Indicators
  • Emotions
  • Psychological Tendencies
  • Significant Levels
  • Trading Strategies
  • Examples
  • Opening First Trades
  • Controlling And Improving Your Weaknesses
  • Personal Consulting
  • Individual Approach
  • 12 Months of Royal Membership
  • 12 Personal Support
  • Trading Plan
  • S/W Analysis Live Chart
  • Access to All Material
  • No Limit Re-participation in This Course


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