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Project Description

Step By Step To The Highest Level

Take Profit Top Level Program

Take Profit designed a special program which will take you step by step to the highest level. The program includes almost everything you need to know, from the basics to complex knowledge and all of the secrets big players use. It includes all techniques, 9 strategies and indicators which have been making money on daily basis for years.

The program was designed for complete beginners, which means you can join even if you don’t know anything about Forex. It is lectured in the simplest possible way. All examples are based on real events, happening at the moment, and you can use those examples immediately on your platform.

Educational program is carried out 100% online. No driving, no wasting time, no extra costs. You can learn everything from the comfort of your home. All webinars will be going on live online, because we know they can be more powerful when participants are able to ask questions and get answers immediately.

The program consists of many parts: theory, practical use, psychology, motivation, personal development and much more. We know that without support it is hard to make progress, and that is why we prepared a special support group, where you will be able to communicate with the team or your support manager.

Because we believe in you, you get a special BONUS!

1. Royal signal room: Because we know that most of you are beginners and don’t know whether to take a trade, our fund managers will prepare their own analysis of the market and send you signals. The signals will make it easier for you to start making profit and so increase your motivation.
2. Support room
3. Trading plan: our team will create a personalized trading plan just for you

  • More than 30 hours of live online education
  • 180 days of signals
  • 180 days of group support
  • 180 days of support by your support manager
  • 180 days live trading via Telegram
  • personalized trading plan
  • Certificate of Full Time Trader
  • Price: one-time payment of 1.000 EUR
  • Special offer “earn as you learn” 195 EUR/month

Take our Take Profit 3-day Course to become an independent trader. Take Profit team has developed a 3-Day program that will teach you everything you needed to be constantly profitable.

Program Details


6 Months



  • 6 months Royal membership
  • Support room
  • Trading plan
PRICE (one-time payment)

1.000 €

SPECIAL OFFER (payment in 12 months)

195 € / month