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Project Description

Are You Ready To Become an Independent Trader?

Take Profit 3 Day Course (Online)

Take our TP Three Day Program to become an independent trader. Take Profit team has developed a three-day program that will teach you everything it takes to constantly generate profit.   90 % of people who join this program become financially independent. Program starts with basics and goes step by step to the highest trading level. You will learn 9 hottest trading strategies. With them you will be able to trade in different styles. Because we know it is difficult to master it in a few days, we will provide supporttrading signals and webinars (if needed) for the next 24 months and limitless re-participation in this course.

Join this program and invest in your future.

DAY 1 
  • History
  • Introduction
  • Forex Basics
  • Market Structure
  • Currencies and Pairs
  • Four Majors
  • What Is Spread
  • Trend
  • Trading Time
  • Chart Types
  • Bars and Candles
  • Risk Management
  • MT4
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Forex Factory
  • Support and Resistance
  • Candle Classification
  • Strength and Weakness Analysis
  • LSL and LSH
  • Patterns and Formations
  • Indicators
  • Emotions
  • Psychological Tendencies
  • Significant Levels
  • Trading Strategies (9)
  • Examples
  • Opening First Trades
  • 6 Months Royal Membership
  • No Limit Re-participation in This Course

Program Details


3 Days



BONUS (6 Months Of): 
  • Royal membership
  • Live Trading Room
  • Fundamental Analysis Room
  • In News Alert
  • Personalized Trading Plan
  • Weekly Market Overview
  • Live Support (Mon. – Fri.)
  • Personal Support
PRICE (one-time payment)

1.495 €