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You Can Be One of Us!


Who are we?

We are firstly independent and autonomous traders and secondly educators on Forex markets.

We teach everyone from beginners to corporate investors the best strategy to consistently generate profit in the Forex market.

In last 8 months we helped more than 70 people improve the quality of their lives.

David Palka & Boštjan Kostanjšek


David Palka

was born in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 1973. He finished school as a dental technician in 1992 but immediately knew that he will need to start an independent path if he wanted to achieve something more. He wouldn’t settle for average.  That is why he opened his own dental laboratory in 1997 and later on his own dental clinic.

Still he was looking for something more, something that would allow an income without any limits. That is what led him to MLM (multi level marketing) and he was impressed with the business model. He saw the importance of education and took part in online courses by Robert  T. Kiyosaki.

During the time of his active work in MLM industry, he was bothered by the fact that anyone could be the ‘expert’ and the business, as well as the whole MLM industry, suffered because of that. His educational path brought him to London (UK) where he heard about Forex at the seminar on personal growth from Harv T. Eker. Hearing about the idea that there is no need for employees, bosses, real estate, expensive equipment and that it is possible to start with a low investment and low risk, he immediately went for it.

And after Anthony Robbins’ seminar, he started the path of a professional trader. It was time for the first educational programs on his path as a forex trader, all of them in London. After that followed a year long course with everyday activities, workshops and brainstorming under personal guidance.

He was always aware of the importance of education and saw it as the only way to become the best. Through his enthusiasm for Forex came the idea of passing on his knowledge and helping other people who would also like to learn about independent trading.

Two years ago he joined forces with Boštjan Kostanjšek. Together they did away with all the imperfections they noticed during their own education and improved the system of individual’s progress. They founded a company called Take Profit d.o.o., where the clients can learn about the market no matter their prior knowledge, whether they are complete beginners or experienced traders in this industry.

Bex Boštjan Kostanjšek

started his path before finishing high school. First he joined a family company and with his ideas improved the sales and loyalty of the customers. Wanting to take the next step in his life he joined network marketing to create an additional money flow. He attended many seminars to improve his knowledge on marketing and so came across an MMI (Millionar Mind Intensive) seminar. In 2013 he gathered enough courage and took part in it to further improve his skills and gain a lot of new business contacts. That was the first time he heard about the term FOREX! He was so impressed by the presented facts that he immediately started researching it even more.

First, as all the beginners, he put the money in his trading account but emptied it very soon. After that he invested again, watched lots of YouTube videos, read books about marketing and in the end found out that it was all a waste of time and money, since his account was still in the red. The only thing that kept him going was the fact that someone must make money in this largest market in the world. And so he started researching from another perspective and came into contact with people who were part of the business for more than 20 years and managed funds that were worth millions. Marcus de Maria, Mike Douglas and others. What followed was the first 3-day intensive Forex seminar in London, where he learned plenty new strategies, techniques and various types of trading.

Because of good results he decided to upgrade his knowledge even more and attend one of the most elite seminars for fund managers (HIDEOUT). Education and training took more than 14 days and were carried out in London. In 2015 he met David at a workshop on personal growth YES GROUP and they found out that they were facing the same problem. They both mastered the trading but were alone in the industry, so they decided to start trading together. First they cooperated through Skype and later rented an office in Ljubljana and came to work there.

They shared the knowledge and perfected the techniques. The results improved for 30%. Other people saw their results and the real trader’s life and became interested in who they were. They started contacting them and so Boštjan and David started to, at first unintentionally, teach others how to become independent. This is how Take Profit academy started developing and as they created different programs they have slowly become as successful and respected as you can see them today!


Our business is based on honestymorality and transparency. We lead by example and teach what we perform.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or a professional, if you have desire and show discipline, you can learn what we do and how we do it.


The methods we use are simple, easy and interactive. Therefore, all participants learning from us know what is happening and why.


Our mentoring begins in person, no matter where in the world you are. Through ‘online training’ you are guided step by step until you are ready to do everything independently.


Our goals are to help people become independent and profitable traders, to show everyone they can earn enough money even if they don‘t have a conventional job and also to discover people with good trading skills and/or teach people to become top traders, who can later be entrusted with management of our financial resources.


  • We are different – our school is 100% transparent, from complete beginners onwards, we are sharing our top strategies.
  • Continued support – from the moment you connect with us (in person or online), you will receive ongoing support and we will show you exactly what you need to do to constantly generate profit.
  • Without expensive software! – Most of the educational enterprises promote expensive trading platforms. In Take Profit we believe in learning the right strategies, which operate without them.
  • 100% transparency – in Take Profit we don‘t keep the best strategies for ourselves, we are here to share exactly what we are doing and why and then show you how to do it yourself!

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